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"Chen Mu hearts...Susu on an infinity symbol" She smiled at the sight of the small signature he marked on the side. He corrected her and whispered, "It says Chen Mu loves Susu forever and ever on the infinity loop."


He was one of the most popular bachelors who had the fame, status, family background, looks and basically the whole package that any woman would love to have in a man. Chen Mu stepped out, but turned around and held out his hand to help his companion out of the vehicle. At that moment, there was nothing but silence as everyone's interest spiked up high in seeing who the lucky lady was.


He slammed his fist against the wall, startling Liang Yu Qing, who was taking a nap. "What's with the damn fuss? I do all this work and cleaned for people during my day shifts just to get this type of treatment?!" She screamed and got out of bed to find papers scattered all over the place.


"I don't think she realized it yet, but soon she will. Once we are behind doors, it'll be much easier to do what I need to do." Zi Yan folded her arms and sat on the couch.


"Compared to Cinderella, my midnight clock had time out ever since I've met you. Every second that I spent with you felt like it would last forever and this happiness as well. I became greedy; wanting for more. I know that you would say that I deserve it, and it's fine to want more. Still, nothing could escape fate."


Xin Ya clapped her hands excitedly as her smile reached her eyes, "Of course it is for you to admit that you and her are together! You just declared your love for her in front of us! And for you to say all that with confidence, you must be dating her with marriage set as a goal~ Is mommy right?! Hmmm? Hmmm?"

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"Hahahaha, young one. Before this old man got famous, I used to hang out with gangs on the streets! Not those with dragon tattoos or drug dealers, but those skinny bones. You know what I mean!" Professor Luo Xia raised his arm and ordered a few more toppings for his level five spiced hotpot.


Her brow raised slightly as she stared at him with an Elvish smile, "Oh? Is the vegetable that good?"


After successfully getting into this hospital with the distant relative's daughter's help, they changed some records on Kitty's file so that nobody would be able to find out that she got the job without getting interviewed.


Perhaps it was his gentle gaze or warm fingers that touched her skin, her body suddenly moved and rotated towards him. Facing her sudden movement, his hand froze while a few beats from his beating heart could be heard wandering off tune from his heartstrings. "Nmnmm.." she mumbled quietly in her slumber in a half awakened state. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


She turned her head to her left and right to make sure nobody spotted her before locking the locker again. Once she successfully retrieved the package, the two guards reported back to Zi Yan and Professor Luo Xia about her progress.


She continued, "Son, mom has thought a lot recently. I've forced my way to keep her in our house and even become our family. We've let her down over and over again. I didn't even realize how badly we've hurt her until I've sat down and thought of how funny my words were. I said I treated her as my daughter, but I really used her to fulfill my selfishness. She was so great that I wished to keep her for only us and especially you. I never asked if that was what she wanted and never once thought of how she must have felt when I guilt trapped her."


"Hello? Hello?!! Brother Yuo!!!" Karen looked at the black screen and gritted her teeth. "Susu! Susu! How come you are so lucky to get Chen Mu by your side? I've tried to get close to him, but he would only look at you. So I was more than determined to take Tian Yuo from you. Now that I did, you end up with Chen Mu! Argh!!! And now this family is a mess because of the Chen's!!! Why do you always take everything that I want?!"



"Even if you gave me a million more chance to rechoose, I would have done the same. I won't forgive those disgusting jerks for messing up our family. You've suffered too much and haven't avenged for mother with your hands. If I didn't do anything, I would be full of regrets. Aren't we fine and healthy now?"



That smile, that kiss, and that loving voice that she used to confess to him almost gave him a heart attack. It took him by surprise. So surprising that he pinched his own cheeks to make sure it hurt. So surprising that he touched her face, watched and heard the girl's mouth repeat, "Chen Mu. I love you too. Should we try dating?"


"Nonsense! When will you ever stop talking to your elders this way? Did you really think that I wouldn't punish you because you're my kin? If you don't change that attitude, I will make a move on that Ariana girl's close friends and family. This is my final warning."


"God forbid, but if the same thing that happened today with Susu occurred on Lily, would you give up on her so easily without even trying?" Chen Mu pointed at the stack of reports that Lin Que had placed on the desk.

  • Karen's arrogant expression froze after hearing her words.
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