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Tian Yuo stood in front of Karen after spotting the five of them together, "Hold on. You guys already avenged her by messing up her outfit. Give me some respect and let her off. This is a grand event after all."


"Hmph! You dare ask me how I couldn't figure out cramps from this type of pain! This is coming from the man who just took my first time! Bleh! I'll go wash myself. Hmph! You can sleep on your own bed tonight and feel the cold air against your old man's back!" She averted her gaze and crossed her arms.


"Haha, we never kill our enemies. We only destroy their mentality and drive them to coo-coo land. Were you satisfied that your creepy smile convinced her about the slicing to sashimi crap? You knew that I was only an expert with arms." She sighed, but didn't feel a second of pity for Kitty and Karen.


"When they found out that her cancer was incurable, they decided to take her egg and his sperm. Instead of finding a surrogate mother, they said that because I came from the same womb as Zi Lan, I would be the best candidate as a surrogate mother. Even though everything was forced, you turned out to be the best miracle to us. She gripped Susu's hands tightly.


After that, Kitty resumed her receptionist job. Nobody dared to give her any tasks since she always made mistakes and faked innocence. She sat on the chair and waited for everyone to leave their spot.


"But mom, why did you want me to bring her pills to you? Those are just birth control pills that she took while we were married. She says that it is vitamins, but Karen already checked it and told me that those were birth control pills."

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To my dearest readers, before I get on with this chapter, I would like to thank all of you for reading my novels and hoping to write more goodies for everyone to read. There were many up and downs and low points for me in the year of 2019 and even before that, but I managed to knock down every obstacle along the way and continue fighting them as problems persist.


On the outside, nobody could tell what she was thinking, but Susu was planning on ordering a light vegetable dish for herself since she had to be on a strict diet while on medication. Karen didn't give her a chance to order as she quickly placed a piece of sweet and sour rib onto Susu's plate.


Chen Mu's smile, showing his teeth and teased, "we'll see how well you hold your smile when you see Hui Yan~ oh~~ Zhi Hei's little sister recently went on vacation, so you must have been very lonely~ hoho~" He elbowed Shen Qi gave him a few winks.


Under her sweet temptation, he pulled her close by her waist and lowered his head to meet her lips. The softness of her lips and the fact that she belonged to him made the kiss extra special. The small pecks became aggressive as they yearned for more.


Strictly speaking, this was their first kiss as adults. While the horror movie screams continued playing, they were too occupied with pecking each other's lips slowly as if they were exploring their relationship to another level.


"Susu! What's wrong?" Chen Mu heard her coughs from the kitchen and peeked to make sure it wasn't just his ears playing tricks on him. He ran to her when he saw her coughing on the floor with her face flushed. Quickly, he lifted her up, brought her to the couch and poured her a cup of warm water. While soothing her back, his hands were checking her body through different pressure points and tracking her pulse.


"I have a way to save her fingers. It would take time for her fingers to recover and a lot of effort. At the end, it would depend on how well her body adapts to the surgery, but you guys must follow my orders and take care of her exactly the way I instruct you to."



In the order from left to right sat Liang Yu Qing, Yin Zin Leung, Tian Yuo, and Karen. Karen placed her new handbag on the empty seat next to her since Susu was nowhere to be seen and they've already ordered the dishes for dinner.



When Susu looked up and saw Chen Mu's okay hand gesture, she smiled and announced, "And.. the last surprise that I have for everyone is...a spring's breeze." Flower petals sprinkled down, adding effects to the model's walk. Lin Que and Chen Mu were spreading and throwing petals to the fan from above, making a spring scenery.


"But no matter how far my arms could stretch out, I can never help them nor bring them back to my life. Do you know why I never celebrated my birthday every year? Why don't I eat any cakes? Because my birthday was the day that my parents were slaughtered in front of me. They bought a cake for me, and I was about to blow out the candles when two men barged into my house."


A few minutes later, she bent down and said, "You said you were a victim to blackmail and that you could save yourself after switching the damn drug, right? Then look over here. Just searching your name up alone pops out twenty porn websites. Your name, address, age and education has been exposed online. I can see the account description and video descriptions. Amazing, isn't it?"

  • "A..A chip. It's not just me either. Eventually, someone would find out that she might hold the chip that they want and do the same as I did. Besides, all I did was say a few words. The main culprit who listed that job in the underground market was Yang Ku Ze. Why don't you look for him instead? He paid the assassin, not me."
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